Socratic Scripture Studies

Mandy will be leading Socratic Scripture Studies in Minneapolis, MN, the nights of
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What: Physical & Spiritual Adventure Retreats

Where: Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) Wilderness

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A vast majority of stories in scripture take place outdoors, so how come many of us spend a majority of our lives indoors? When walking out a relationship with God, most of the people in scripture spent a majority of their time in the open air. Consider the patriarchs. Consider Jesus and how he so often was walking somewhere. Consider that the original idea for humans was for them to live in a wild garden–not a boxy house.

Seeing things with an “outdoor mind” was common in relation to the way life was lived in scripture. Nowadays we live with “indoor mind,” and it changes the way we connect with scripture and with each other. I once heard a comedian describe the modern modus operandi by essentially saying, “I sleep in a box, eat my breakfast out of a box, drive to work in a box, and sit in a box once I’m at work.” If what he said hadn’t made me laugh so hard, it probably would have made me cry.

Each Physical & Spiritual Adventure Retreat offers us an opportunity to get out of our boxes, to go into the wilderness, and to be with God and others. The word for wilderness in scripture has at its Hebrew root the meaning “to speak.” When people go out into the wilderness in scripture, they hear God speak (e.g. Hagar, Moses, the Israelites, Jesus). Come be a part of this adventure where we will tell stories, have conversations, be still, enjoy beauty, explore scripture through the Socratic Method (an invitational, question-rich style of engagement), and feel alive because the topography around us will match the topography of our hearts–and we were created for such congruence.

About the Leadership: Spearheading this event is Scott Morin–educator, counselor, pastor, and M.Div. (who is a Hebrew-and-Greek-loving nerd). Scott has led work crews spiritually for Wild at Heart Boot Camps and also has studied with the founders of Truessence, School of Jewish Studies, and National Coalition for Purity.

Details: The registration fee for this weekend is $400 per person which includes food, cook kit, canoes, maps, BWCA permits, trip administration, and teaching fees. If you need to cancel after registering, you will receive a full refund if your spot gets filled. We will meet in Minneapolis, MN, at 6AM to caravan in our cars to the BWCA and return to Minneapolis at the end of our trip by 6PM. If you need to meet us in the BWCA, that can be arranged.

Airport Options: Minneapolis/St. Paul or Duluth.

To reserve your spot, please call or email Scott for registration fee payment options.

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