Socratic Scripture Study Teaching

Mandy's Mentoring and Pastoral Counseling for Teens and Young Adults

Understanding Dreams


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Speech is powerful, and it is my honor and delight to speak to large and small groups on topics connected to Scripture, overcoming fear, and/or sexuality.

Socratic Scripture Study Teaching

I believe in the power of Scripture, I believe in the power of questions (as did Socrates), and I believe in the power of God giving real-time insight to participants when we explore Scripture in an interactive, communal way. I love leading groups into an understanding of key Hebrew and/or Greek words in ​Biblical passages and into discoveries of how the stories of old speak into our lives today.

Mandy’s Mentoring and Pastoral Counseling for Teens and Young Adults

On my journey as an educator, ministry leader, speaker, and spiritual-reflection facilitator, I have had the privilege of walking alongside teens and young adults for 25+ years. Through Mandy’s Mentoring I provide mentorship and pastoral counsel to teens and young adults who desire to do any of the following:

  • Work through challenges

  • Overcome anxiety and fear

  • Heal from past wounds

  • Strengthen communication skills

  • Grow in God-given identity

  • Increase intimacy with God

Understanding Dreams

I teach on various types of dreams and how to navigate healthy interpretation of them from a Scriptural perspective. Through personal consultation and group processing I find great joy in helping others decipher what God might be communicating to them through some of their dreams.

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