TOV: What it Means to be Good

We had the pleasure of exploring our favorite Hebrew word with two of our friends on an And Sons podcast.

An article we wrote delineating the rich nuances of the Hebrew word טוֹב (tov)

Yadda Yadda Yadda

Along with Dr. Tremper Longman and Tim Thornton, we had the honor of sharing helpful tips on an And Sons podcast for those who are hungry to dive into Scripture and make sense of its contents.

Create Peace

Mandy speaks on the wild story of an unexpected route to peace in 2 Kings 6:8-23 at an inter-generational Sunday service at Restoration Covenant Church.


Scott candidly addresses the effects of sexual addiction, what to do if someone you know is addicted, and how to seek healing if addiction gains control of you or a loved one.

Video Bible Studies

Scott and Vince Miller (Founder of Resolute) identify the importance and how-to of actively taking steps to overcome your past in order to move into your life mission.

Scott and Vince Miller (Founder of Resolute) describe what healthy spiritual accountability can look like and highlight the significant role it plays in a Jesus-follower’s life.

Scott and Vince Miller (Founder of Resolute) consider factors which affect the journey of discovering and living out one’s life purpose.